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Cuticle Lissé, The Best Place To Shop For Top Quality Hair Extension Care Products

Cuticle Lissé Hair Extension Care Products were developed to protect and prolong the life of your hair extensions by providing with the natural oils and nutrients they need to stay healthy. With repeated use, Cuticle Lissé will prolong the life of your hair extensions and keep them beautiful for as long as possible.

Many shampoos, conditioners, and styling products contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that will cause your hair extensions to become dry and damaged. Once the extension hair is damaged it cannot be repaired. That is why it is so important to use hair extension care products that will strengthen and protect the structures around the hair that keep it looking healthy and natural. Structures like the cuticle, which is the most important structure of the hair. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair that gives your hair its natural bounce and elasticity. The cuticle also helps your hair retain moisture. Moisture is crucial to your hair extension’s healthy and natural appearance. Once the cuticle is damaged your hair will not be able to retain moisture and will become dull and lifeless. Cuticle Lissé hair care products coat, smoothen and strengthen to cuticle by providing the with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and oils. Cheap shampoos and conditioners will damage the cuticle because many of them contain parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride and other harsh chemicals that are proven to damage the hair.

Our Hair Extension Care Products includes:

  • Shampoo for hair extensions: All Cuticle Lissé Shampoos were formulated to protect and strengthen your hair extensions. Our Silk Smoothing shampoo is great for most hair types and contains Silk Protein that helps to bind moisture to your hair and extensions; moisture is critical to the health of your hair and extensions. Our Botanical Shampoo is great for women with naturally oily hair and scalp. The 11 botanical extracts found in this shampoo are strong enough to eliminate excess oil, but are also gentle enough to use on your hair extensions. And our Keratin Shampoo is great for women with curly and frizzy hair. This shampoo has Keratin that strengthens the cuticle and helps to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy in humidity. All our shampoos are free from sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and phosphates. Shampoos containing sulfate remove moisture from hair and results in dry, dull, and lifeless hair. In some cases, these chemicals can cause a dry and itchy scalp. Paraben shampoos cause dryness, irritation, loss of hair, and fades the color of your colored hair. Therefore, they are not safe to use. Sodium Chloride is used as a top ingredient in many shampoos, but it results in irritation and can even dehydrate your hair strands. It also prevents nutrients from entering the follicles and when your hair stops getting the needed nutrients, hair loss results. Therefore, you must avoid products that contain these harmful ingredients.

  • Hair Extension Conditioners: You should condition your hair extensions every time you wash your hair. Shampoos were developed to cleanse your hair and conditioners were developed to infuse your hair with moisture and coat them in a more potent mix of nutrients like proteins and vitamins. Our Silk Smoothing Conditioner is great for most hair types and contains an extra dose of Silk Proteins and Wheat Amino Acids that work to trap and draw moisture into the cortex of the hair. Our Keratin Conditioner is great for women with curly and frizzy hair. The keratin protein found in this conditioner is made from grass fed New Zealand Wool, the most potent source of Keratin Protein available for cosmetic use. All of our products work together to cleanse and protect your hair extensions.

If you are interested in trying Cuticle Lissé for yourself visit to learn more and to place your order. We offer new customer discounts, free shipping, and a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products.

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