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Caring For Hair Extensions - A Few Expert Tips To Follow

Hair extensions are a great solution for quickly adding length and volume to your hair and for giving you more hair styling options. But getting hair extension is only the first step to healthy, beautiful, long, and natural looking hair. The real work begins when you get home from the salon. With proper care and high-quality hair care products, you can ensure that your extensions will look beautiful and natural for as long as possible. But with poor care and the use of cheap and damaging hair care products, your extension will be ruined and will no longer look natural or blend with your natural hair.

When it comes to choosing the best hair care products for your hair extensions there is no better option than Cuticle Lissé. Cuticle Lissé is a complete step-by-step hair care line that was developed specifically for women with hair extensions with different lines for different hair textures.

To understand why your hair extensions, require six steps to keep them healthy and beautiful you first have to understand what hair extensions are and how they are very different than your natural hair. First, extension hair is dead hair that has been donated or sold by someone before being attached to your hair. Second, extension hair is not rooted in your scalp, therefor extension hair will not receive the oils and nutrients it needs from the scalp that it needs to stay healthy. Those are the two reasons you need to take extra care of your extensions by using shampoos and conditioners that will not damage them and using deep conditioner, oils, and hair serums to coat and infuse your extensions with moisture. The Cuticle Lissé step-by-step hair care line includes everything you need to maximize the life of your hair extensions.

Types of Extension Hair

To take the best care of your hair extensions you will need to know what type of hair you have. The highest quality human hair is 100% human, single donor, and ethically sourced. Hair from Eastern Europe are regarded  what makes each type of hair extension method unique.  the different kinds of hair extension options available. So here we go, the different hair extension types include:

1 - Glamour Locks Cuticle Hair

This is the highest quality human hair available. Glamour Locks Cuticle Hair is 100% human, ethically sourced from Eastern Europe, single donor, and minimally processed. Cuticle Hair will last up to a year before it has to be replaced. If you have Glamour Locks Cuticle Hair you should be using a high quality hair care line like Cuticle Lissé.

2- Remy Hair: The quality of Remy Hair can vary from salon to salon as Remy Hair is a generic term to designate hair that originates from India or Asia. When it comes to Remy Hair, there is a good chance that the hair you are buying is going to be of low quality and will only last a few weeks or a month or two. Even the highest quality Remy Hair will last about six months. Even though this hair is not of the same quality as Cuticle Hair, it should still be treated like human hair and you should still be using a high quality shampoo and conditioner like Cuticle Lissé.

3- Synthetic Hair Extensions: Synthetic Hair extensions are made of plastic or silicone and are generally best used temporarily for a night or two. The hair itself cannot be washed or styled with hot tools and will lose its natural appearance after a few days of wearing them. These should not be washed or brought into the shower. ‘

Tips from Experts for Proper Hair Extension Care

  • Washing Your Extensions

Make sure to keep your hair extensions clean and untangled using the right and best quality shampoo and conditioner for extensions like our Cuticle Lisse sulfate-free pH-balanced moisturizing shampoo.  We recommend you wash your hair extensions 1 to 2 times a week. If you have oily hair, it is okay to wash every day or every other day. Also, make sure to wash your hair right after a workout session or the jacuzzi. For women with curly hair, our Keratin Shampoo works best. For fine or oily hair, we always recommend our Botanical Hydrating Shampoo.

  • Conditioning Your Extensions

Just like washing your extensions, conditioning them is a crucial step in properly caring for them. Because your extensions are not rooted in your scalp, they will not receive the oils and nutrients they need to stay healthy, so conditioner is even more important than if you did not have extensions. Our Silk Smoothing Conditioner is a must-have product for your hair extension care regimen. If you have curly hair, then our Keratin Conditioner is your best bet.

  • Brushing the Extensions

Another crucial hair extensions care tip is to brush them on regular basis to keep them tangle-free. Just like your natural hair, hair extensions get tangled if they are not brushed regularly. Also, we suggest that you do not brush your extensions when they are wet as it will weaken the hair strands. Brush them gently from the base and work your way upwards to the attachment point. Be careful not to brush directly on the attachment point as this can cause your extensions ot be come loose. A wide-toothed brush is best to keep the extension from tangling.

  • Hair Extensions Care While Sleeping

You should braid your extensions before going to sleep to avoid tangling. If you are wearing clip-on extensions, make sure you do not sleep with them on!

  • Additional Tips
  • Avoid heat as much as possible for styling your extensions as it reduces their
  • Prolonged exposure to sweat and chlorinated water can ruin the texture of your hair extensions along with tangling them - so avoid that as much as possible. If you are an athlete, then just be sure to use all six steps in the Cuticle Lissé Hair Care line.
  • Visit your hair extension stylist for further advice on how to keep your hair extensions healthy.

If you are interested in learning more about our hair extension care line or if you want to try it for yourself, visit today. We even offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases!

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