Overtime your extensions will become increasingly dry and damaged as you style them and expose them to the elements. Also, your extensions will not receive the oils and nutrients from your scalp that they need to stay healthy. The Cuticle Lisse hair care line was designed to keep your extensions healthy and provide them with the essential oils and nutrients that they need.

Cuticle Lisse DOES NOT contain parabens, sulfates or sodium. These ingredients are very common in other shampoos and they will destroy your hair extensions.


This shampoo works best with straight and wavy hair extensions. Because your hair extensions will become increasingly dry over time you want to use a PH balanced moisturizing shampoo such as this one. 

What makes this shampoo amazing for hair extensions is the fact that it is made with Silk Protein. When used in a shampoo, the Silk Protein penetrates and repairs the cuticle; hydrating, softening and strengthening the hair from the inside out. 


Keratin Shampoo

This shampoo was developed for curly hair extensions. Women with curly hair and extensions face their own set of issues like dry frizzy hair and tangles. This line was specifically developed to smooth your curly hair and provide it with oils and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

The key ingredient in this shampoo, Keratin, is a structural building block of hair that strengthens and repairs damage caused to your extensions. It also smoothes your hair, making it less frizzy and easier to style. It's great for your natural hair too! 


Botanical Hydrating Shampoo

This shampoo is best for women who have naturally oily hair. Women who have oily hair need a shampoo that is strong enough to eliminate buildup and gentle enough for their extensions.

This lush shampoo uses 11 natural botanical extracts to thoroughly cleanse your hair without weighing it down. These extracts are powerful enough to eliminate build up in oily hair and are also gentle enough for your hair extensions. 


Protect Your Investment

You’ve just spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on your hair extensions. Make sure you take the best care of them as possible with Cuticle Lisse.

With Cuticle Lisse your hair extensions will look beautiful and natural for as long as possible.