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Why Silk Protein Is Great For Your Hair Extensions

There are a lot of shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products that claim to be the best for your hair and extensions. They tote miracle ingredients like protein, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients that they swear up and down are going to protect and enhance your hair extensions. 

But the bottom line is that not all of these ingredients are created equal and there are some that are more beneficial than others.

One ingredient that almost every hair care professional recommends to their hair extension clients is Silk Protein. 

Why Is Silk Protein So Great For Hair Extensions? 

The cuticle of  your hair is comprised of something called Keratin. The Cuticle is a protective layer that surrounds your hair and gives your hair strength, elasticity and shine. 

Keratin is a type of protein that is produced by the body, but once your hair grows out from the scalp, the keratin proteins surrounding your hair begin to deteriorate. And assuming you have opted for 100% human hair extensions, then your extension hair will also have the keratin and the cuticle intact when it's first applied to your hair.

That means that when you first get the extensions the cuticle around the hair will be strong and your extensions will be very healthy. 

But overtime as you expose them to the elements like UV radiation from the sun, heat from hot tools like blow dryers, and to chemicals found in common styling products, the cuticle will begin to be damaged. If you are not careful the cuticle will become completely destroyed. 

That is where Silk Protein comes in. Silk Proteins are a type of Amino Acid, which are the building blocks of the Keratin Protein that comprise the cuticle. 

When used in a shampoo and conditioner the silk protein binds to the cuticle and strengthens it. It also helps the hair to absorb moisture, a critical component of your hair health. After repeated use of a silk protein shampoo and conditioner, the cuticle will be stronger and your hair will be healthier, and it will even increase the life of your hair extensions!

So the next time you are researching the best shampoo for your hair extensions, be sure to look for Silk Protein. It is also great for dry and damaged hair. 

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