Silk Smoothing Conditioner

This conditioner works best with straight and wavy hair textures. 

It contains Wheat Amino Acids. Wheat Amino Acids have a thickening effect which allows your hair extensions to absorb more water. This is important, because water increases your extensions' elasticity, reduces its split ends and softens them.

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Keratin Conditioner

This conditioner works best with curly hair textures. 

Our Keratin Conditioner seals the cuticle and reduces frizz, leaving your extensions smooth, shiny and manageable. It contains Keratin that will lock in shine and protect your hair from humidity. It also contains plant extracts and conditioners that strengthen, repair and restore the elasticity of your extensions.

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Leave In Conditioner

Works best with straight and wavy hair textures. 

Key ingredients like Vitamin B5 penetrate the hair’s cortex and draws water into it, giving your extensions strength and flexibility.

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Argan Oil Deep Conditioner

For  dry and damage hair.

An intense treatment enriched with  Shea Butter and Moroccan Argan Oil. Penetrates the cuticle deeply to rebuild strength, restore elasticity and hydrate dry or damaged hair. 

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