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Healthy Hair Extensions with Cuticle Lisse's Shampoo

Hair Extensions are an excellent option for instantly adding volume and length to your hair, making it lustrous, thick and beautiful.

One thing that is commonly overlooked is maintaining your hair extensions in the weeks and months after you get them. Without proper care your hair extensions will eventually become dry and brittle, easily matted and will not blend naturally with your hair. This can all be avoided with the use of proper shampoo, conditioner and styling products.


And when it comes to hair extensions maintenance and care, the first product to consider is a good-quality shampoo. 

We at Cuticle Lisse understand the importance of caring for and maintaining hair extensions. That’s why we developed high-quality shampoos for your hair extensions that are specifically developed for managing and keeping your hair extensions healthy. Our shampoos for hair extensions are rich in essential oils and nutrients that are required to kep your hair extensions healthy.  Cuticle Lisse shampoos for hair extensions do not contain Parabens, Sulfates or Sodium, making them ideal  for your hair extensions. 

Moreover, we carry a wide range of shampoos for hair extensions that make your hair extensions last longer and remain healthier for the long term. Have a look at our exclusive collection of shampoos for hair extensions below:


Cuticle Lisse Silk Smoothing shampoo was designed for women with straight and wavy hair and extensions. Over time your hair extensions tend to become increasingly dry and you need to use a pH-balanced moisturizing shampoo such as our Cuticle Lisse Silk Smoothing Shampoo. What makes this shampoo an excellent option for hair extensions is that it is made using Silk Protein. When used in shampoo, Silk Protein penetrates and repairs the cuticle, hydrating the hair, making it soft and strengthened from the inside out. 


Cuticle Lisse Keratin Shampoo is developed for curly hair extensions. We understand that women with curly hair and extensions face their own unique set of hair issues such as tangles and frizzy hair. Therefore, we have designed this keratin shampoo to smooth the curly hair and keep it frizz-free and tangle-free. Our Keratin shampoo is rich in oils and nutrients necessary for keeping your hair extensions healthy and shiny. The key ingredient in this shampoo is Keratin which is a structural building block of hair. And when used in a shampoo it will strengthen your hair, smooth the cuticle and tame frizz. It also smooths your hair, making it frizz-free and easier to style. It is great for your natural hair, as well.


Cuticle Lisse Botanical Hydrating Shampoo for hair extensions is designed specifically for women with naturally oily hair. Women with oily hair need a  shampoo that is stong enough to eliminate oily build-up and gentle enough for their extensions. This lush shampoo is comprised of 11 natural botanical extracts that will cleanse your hair thoroughly without weighing it down. These botanical extracts are powerful enough for eliminating build-up in oily hair and are also gentle enough to keep your hair extensions smooth and hydrated.

If you have already spent hundreds or thousands on your hair extensions, use Cuticle Lisse shampoo for hair extensions to take the best care of them and have beautiful and natural-looking hair extensions for as long as possible!  Protect Your Investment With Cuticle Lisse!
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