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Keep Your Hair Extensions Moisturized with Cuticle Lisse Conditioner

Long and lustrous hair is a desire of every woman, but various reasons and factors maintaining healthy hair becomes a stressful job because of which hair becomes damaged over time. In such scenarios, luckily, you can get your hair styled as per your desire, and that is hair extensions, but just like your natural hair, you need to take good care of your hair extensions for extending their life. When it comes to caring for and maintaining hair or hair extensions, a good conditioner plays a vital role just like a good shampoo. While shampoos cleanse your hair extensions, conditioners maintain their vitality and keep them healthy.

At Cuticle Lisse, we understand that a good hair conditioner is essential for maintaining your hair extensions' good health. That is why; we at Cuticle Lisse have developed a wide range of conditioner for hair extensions for a different hair type style. Our haircare line is designed for keeping your extensions healthy by enriching them with the essential oils and nutrients necessary for maintaining good health of your hair extensions. Our conditioners for hair extensions are paraben-free, sulfate-free and sodium chloride free, hence are ideal for taking good care of your hair extensions.

Take a look at our top-rated conditioners for hair extensions below and choose the one that suits your hair extension type the best.


The silk smoothing conditioner by Cuticle Lisse is explicitly designed for straight and wavy hair textures. Comprising of Wheat Amino Acids, these hair extension conditioners are best for thickening your hair. Wheat Amino Acids have a thickening effect that enables your hair extensions to absorb more water, which in turn increases the elasticity of your extensions, reducing its split ends and softens them.


Keratin conditioner for hair extensions by Cuticle Lisse work best for curly hair extensions. Our precisely developed Keratin conditioner seals the cuticle and reduces frizz, hence leaving your extensions smooth, shiny and manageable. It comprises Keratin that helps in locking in shine and protecting your hair from humidity. It also contains the plant extracts and conditioners that strengthen, repair and restore the elasticity of your hair extensions to extend their life.


Leave in conditioner by Cuticle Lisse is great for both straight and wavy hair textures. It contains ingredients meant for smoothing and adding shine to your hair extensions while giving your extensions a natural and healthy glow. Its key ingredients include Vitamin B5 that penetrates your hair's cortex and draws water into it providing your extensions strength and flexibility.


Our Keratin based leave-in conditioner is best suited for curly hair extensions. It is a Keratin-infused serum that tames wild curls, making them shiny and bouncy. Using it with heat makes your hair shine while smoothness gets intensified. The key ingredients of this conditioner for hair extensions also include Vitamin B5 that infuses strength and flexibility to your hair extensions.


Our Argan oil deep conditioner for hair extensions explicitly designed for dry and damaged hair. This conditioner for hair extensions is an intense treatment enriched with Shea Butter and Moroccan Argan Oil that deeply penetrates the cuticle to rebuild strength, restore elasticity, and hydrate dry or damaged hair.

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