Cuticle Lisse - Your Ultimate Hair Care Product Line - Cuticle Lisse Hair Extension Care

Cuticle Lisse - Your Ultimate Hair Care Product Line

It’s no secret that hair extensions add volume and length to your hair. But did you know you can enhance them even further by styling them properly?

Yes, styling hair extensions properly can enhance the beauty of your long lustrous hair, but when done properly you can avoid drying them out or even worse damaging them. Which can happen if you use the wrong styling products and don't protect your extensions from damage frequently caused by hot styling tools like blow dryers and curling irons.

Hair extensions are an investment and you should protect them by choosing the best hair extension styling to ensure that your extensions stay smooth, shiny and lustrous for as long as possible.

When choosing Cuticle Lisse for your hair extension styling needs you can rest assured that you are choosing the best possible products for your hair extensions. Cuticle Lisse is a six step hair extension care line that was developed specifically for your hair extensions.

Why Choose the Best Hair Extension Products?

Because hair extensions are not attached directly to the scalp, they do not receive the required nutrients and oil deposits that your natural hair does. That means they are more prone to becoming dry, frizzy and matted.

That’s why you should shoes styling products that not only provide your hair with the hold it needs to achieve the style you are looking  for, and also does not contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair and extensions.

All Cuticle Lisse styligns products were developed to give you the styling hold you need without drying them out or causing damage.

How to Choose the Best Hair Extension Styling Products?

When looking for the best hair extension styling products, you must choose a balance of products that protect your hair as well as provide the styling hold you are looking for. And all our products were designed and developed to do just that!

Our Hair Extension Styling Products Range

It protects your hair from damage caused by hot tools. If you are going to be styling your hair extensions with hot tools such as curling irons or blow dryers, this product adds an additional layer of defense to protect your extensions from heat damage.

This product is excellent for blending hair extensions when styling. It is a shine spray that creates incredible shine, tames flyaway hairs and reduces frizz. It is an exceptional product for blending natural ends into your hair extensions.

It offers heavy hold and is safe for hair extensions. It is a highly flexible yet fixative hairspray that offers exceptional hold and no sticky residue or build-up. Easy to brush through, even after re-spraying. Ideal for long hair that needs grip and free movement. 

It is yet another innovative and unique product that offers three different spray patterns in one. Light spray for soft holding and reworking, Medium spray for fashion styling and redefining and heavy spray for restyling.

All our hair extension styling products are tested by experts. The products are safe for hair extensions as they are chemical-free and rich in nutrients necessary for healthy hair. Place your order with us today and enjoy styling your hair extensions as per your wish.
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