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Avoid Using Cheap Shampoos On Your Hair Extensions At All Costs

Cheap shampoos can contain harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Using these products can lead to a dry, itchy scalp and frizzy or flat damaged hair and hair extensions. To keep both your natural and extension hair in the best possible condition, always choose a Paraben and Sulfate Free Shampoo for Hair Extensions.

Why Are Shampoos That Contain Sulfates and/or Parabens Bad For Both Hair and Hair Extensions?

Simply put, when you settle for something cheaper, you usually get a lower-quality product. Chemicals like parabens and sulfates are ingredients the companies love to add to shampoos to keep the cost low – parabens as a preservative, and sulfates to give the shampoo a rich lather – but that low cost can come with a different kind of price for you.


Sulfates are a foaming agent used in cleaners and detergents. Many shampoos use them because they amplify the effectiveness of the shampoo, breaking down the surface tension between the shampoo and your hair allowing it to better eliminate oil and dirt from your hair and scalp.

Unfortunately, sulfates can work too well at this, also pulling away the natural oils and nutrients which both natural and extension hair need to stay healthy and keep good body and shine. Sulfatescan also irritate the skin, especially for those with underlying conditions like eczema, and sap the color out of color-treated hair.

And since, unlike your natural hair, extensions can’t produce their own oil, they are even more vulnerable to sulfates, leaving them dry and brittle and shortening their lifespan. And in some cases even completely ruining them.

To keep your hair extensions vibrant and strong, choose a sulfate-free shampoo which cleans your hair and scalp gently, and preserves the balance of the natural oils that help your hair stay shiny and frizz-free.


Parabens are preservatives which add nothing to a shampoo’s effectiveness but are added solely as a cheap way to extenda shampoo’s shelf life. But while they do no good for your hair, they still come with side effects. Using paraben shampoos can lead to scalp irritation, dandruff, dry hair and even hair loss.

Parabens are also absorbed into the body, and can accumulate over time, and their buildup is possibly connected to a number of health issues. And even when they go down the drain, they are linked to certain types of ecological damage in waterways.

In short, using shampoos with either sulfates or parabens can damage your extensions, your natural hair and even your scalp! Don’t take the risk when there are better options available.

Choosing Paraben and Sulfate Free Shampoo for Hair Extensions

Cuticle Lissé offers high-quality paraben- and sulfate-free shampoos for hair extensions. Our specially formulated shampoos keep your hair extensions strong, clean, and beautiful! Our shampoo for hair extensions locks in your hair’s natural oils and keeps your hair and extensions lustrous and healthy.

And all of our Cuticle Lissé shampoos are developed specifically for maintaining the health and appearance of your hair extensions. Our premium hair care line contains no sulfates, no parabens, and no sodium chloride! You’ll find only the highest quality naturalingredients. 

The Cuticle Lissé hair extension care line is free of harmful ingredients and designed to keep your hair extensions in their best condition. 

If you want more information, or if you are ready to try Cuticle Lissé shampoos, visit us at https://cuticlelisse.com/collections/shampoos! New customers get discounts and free shipping, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products!
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