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Cuticle Lissè Has Outstanding Quality of Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Are you tired of your damaged hair and are you looking for a product to improve its health and appearance? Then Cuticle Lissè is the perfect hair care line for you. This is a complete step-by-step hair care system that was developed to restore dry and damaged hair. And all the same properties that make this line great for damaged hair also makes it great for hair extensions. That is because extension hair is dead and has been sewn or attached to your natural hair, so that means it requires the same oils and nutrients that dry hair does to retain its natural beauty and appearance. This complete line of products includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, serums, and styling products.

Cuticle Lissè is a premium line of hair care products that only uses the highest quality ingredients that are guaranteed to improve the health of your hair. All our products are free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride, isopropyl alcohol, and all other harmful ingredients that are found in cheap low quality hair care lines. You get what you pay for and that is most definitely the case when it comes to our premium line of hair care products. If you have damaged hair, our products will restore its health. And if you are wearing extension our products will enhance their beauty and increase their life.

What Are The Five Steps For Damaged Hair by Cuticle Lissè?  Cuticle Lissè is a comprehensive step-by-step system that restores damaged hair.

Step 1 - Shampoo for damaged hair: Our shampoos are made from all-natural ingredients like botanical extracts, and they do not contain damage causing ingredients like parabens or sulfates, which cause further damage to your hair. When you use Cuticle Lissè shampoos you are infusing your damaged hair with vitamins, nutrients, oils, and moisture. Moisture is critical to your hair’s health and when your hair is damaged, it loses its ability to retain moisture. So, means when you use damage causing cheap shampoos you are doing two things: One you are damaging the structure of your hair that retain moisture and you are also taking away moisture. So, the damaging effects are twofold. With Cuticle Lissè, you are doing the exact opposite. You are strengthening the hair and infusing it with moisture. With repeated use of Cuticle Lissè your damaged hair will improve in health. And if you already have healthy hair and are just looking for an amazing new shampoo, then that is fine too. But results will be most dramatic for women who are switching from a cheap shampoo that has damaged their hair. And do not forget, all the things that make our shampoo great for damaged hair also make it great for hair extensions! Take our Botanical Hydrating Shampoo and Silk Smoothing Shampoo for example, both of which work wonders for your dull and damaged hair.

Our Botanical Hydrating Shampoo is made from 11 active botanical extracts that are excellent for your hair. Some of those active botanicals include the following:

- Yarrow Extract: This helps in reducing hair shedding, encourages hair growth, and is exceptionally good for your hair.

- Rosa Canina Fruit Extract: Naturally conditions the scalp and makes your scalp and hair healthier.

-  Chamomile Flower Extract: It soothes and condition scalp, strengthens, nourishes your hair.

-Comfrey Extract: It stimulates hair growth and adds moisture to your hair.

Our Silk Smoothing Shampoo is designed for those who need an extra dose of moisture in their hair, while the Botanical Hydrating Shampoo is ideal for those with naturally oily hair and may not need as much moisture. This shampoo contains silk amino acids that moisturize the hair without adding weight or leaving your hair overly oily. It also contains essential nutrients that restore and rebalance the pH levels of your hair, leaving it smooth and healthy.

Step2 - Conditioner: After shampooing your hair you should immediately follow with a conditioner. We recommend you use our Silk Smoothing Conditioner, which will further moisturize your hair and provide it with much needed nutrients like amino acids and proteins. When used with our shampoos and with repeated use your hair will be healthy and shiny in no time.

Step 3 - Smoothing Leave-In Therapy: For best results and for rapid improvement of your hair’s health you should be using a leave-in conditioner every time you wash and condition your hair. Our Smoothing Leave-In Therapy has Smoothing Proteins that heal breakage and reduce frizz. It also contains Pro Vitamin B5 that penetrates the cuticle of the hair and as a powerful humectant that helps hair maintain moisture in the cortex and on the surface, leaving it more pliable, shinier, stronger, and thicker.

Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Masque: If you are suffering from extremely dry and damaged hair you should use our Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Masque once a week. This deep penetrating deep conditioner contains shea butter and argan oil. It restores strength and elasticity and can even hydrate your dry hair. Use once a week or less once your hair’s health begins to improve. You should use this in place of our Smoothing Leave-In Therapy on the days that you use it.

Step 4 - Add Some Shine: To make your hair look shiny we have our Argan Oil Shine Serum for you. It is enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, this fast-absorbing, deep-penetrating treatment produces a luxurious shine and silky-smooth texture with enduring results. Key ingredients and extracts help to control frizz, soften, and aids in curl definition. It also has ingredients that protect against damage from hot tool and UV radiation from the sun.

Step 5- The final step if you are going to be using hot tools such as flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers is our Thermal defence Hot Tools Mist. This spray protects your hair from the heat damage caused by these tools by coating your hair in a natural silicone that insulates it from the heat produced by these tools and prevents damage.

We are so confident that Cuticle Lissè will improve the health of your damaged hair that we offer all customers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and FREE shipping on all orders. Place your order at today.
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