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5 Best Conditioners For Hair Extensions

Most women today use hair extensions to add more volume and thickness to their natural hair. But if you are using the wrong types of hair products you can be unknowingly causing damage to your hair and extensions. That is because many products available in stores and online contain damage causing ingredients like sulfate, sodium chloride, parabens and more.

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Also, many widely available shampoos and conditioners can make your hair extension bonds and adhesives weak. That is why you need hair care products that where specifically made for hair extensions.

What Is The Best Conditioner For Hair Extensions?

Finding the right conditioner for your hair extensions will keep the hair strands strong, healthy and lusturous. Conditioners should contain ingredients that will bring out the life of your extensions. Ingredients like proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and keratin.

When ingredients like these are used in your hair extension conditioner they work to infuse your hair extension with moisture and strengthen the cuticle surrounding your hair. When your hair is moisturized and the cuticle is strong, your extenesions will look healthy and beautiful.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that your extensions will not receive moisture from your scalp like you’re your natural hair does. That is because your extensions are not rooted into your scalp and do not receive the oils and nutrients that it needs. That is why it’s important to use a leave in hair extension conditioner to give your extension an extra dose of moisture and healthy oils.

5 Best Hair Conditioners for Hair Extensions

Everyone’s hair is different and requires a different hair care regiment. For example, women with straight and wavy hair want a conditioner with Sillk Protein, to smooth the cuticle and leave the hair soft and lusturous; and women with curly hair need Keratin to tame frizz and protect from humidity. Everyone has different requirements for their hair, so finding the perfect conditioner is paramount. Take a look at the conditioners discussed below that work well for various hair extensions. 

  1. Silk Smoothing Conditioner

Cuticle Lisse Silk Smoothing Conditioner is perfect for straight and wavy hair textures. This hair extension care product comes is made with wheat amino acids that increase the surface area of your hair and allows it to absorb mostire. Water helps in increasing the elasticity of your extensions while minimizing split ends and keeps them soft.

  1. Keratin Conditioner

If you have curly hair, you should definitely give Cuticle Lisse Keratin Conditioner a try. This hair extension conditioner helps in sealing hair cuticles and minimizing frizz. It will leave you with smooth, shiny, and easy-to-manage hair extensions.

Another great thing about Keratin is that is that it locks in shine and protects your hair from humidity.

  1. Smooothin Leave-In Conditioner

Are you looking for a leave in conditioner for straight and wavy hair extensions? If yes, then you should look no further than Cuticle Lisse Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner. It smoothens and adds shine while giving a natural and healthy glow to your extensions. This conditioner contains Vitamin B5 that penetrates the hair cortex. It draws water into it while adding strength and flexibility to your extensions.

  1. Keratin Leave-In Conditioner

This Cuticle Lisse Keratin Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for curly hair extensions. The Keratin infused leave in conditioner makes your hair extensions shiny and bouncy. When used with heat, it intensifies the smoothness and shine of your hair.

  1. Argan Oil Deep Conditioner

Need a conditioner for dry and damaged hair? If so, give Cuticle Lisse Argan Oil Deep Conditioner a try. It’s an intense hair care treatment enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil and Shea Butter. It penetrates the hair cuticle deeply to rebuild strength, retain elasticity and hydrate your dry and damaged hair.

Bottom Line –

Whatever type of conditioner you want to buy for your hair extensions, you’ll find it at Cuticle Lisse. For more information about our hair extension care products, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible at (949) 425-1210.
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