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5 Key Ingredients Found In Effective Dry Hair Treatments

So you're looking for the end-all to your dry and damaged hair frustrations. In this article we will dive into the causes of dry hair and then into the types of ingredients you will find in effective dry hair treatments.

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Is your hair dry or damaged?

At some point in your life you have experienced dry and damaged hair and know the many frustrations that come along with it: frizziness, split ends, brittle hair and even dandruff. But why is your hair dry?


Think of your hair as a fiber. And like any fiber it becomes damaged over time. Damage is accelerated by things like hot styling tools, chemical treatments and even exposure to the sun. When hair becomes damaged it loses its ability to retain moisture and becomes dry. Dry hair is the root cause of all the hair issues you are facing.

So what is the key to restoring your hair's health?  

The key to healthier, shinier and lustrous hair is moisture, plain and simple. And there are some key ingredients  that you should look for when searching for your next dry hair remedy. These key ingredients are extremely effective at moisturizing your hair from the inside out. Moisturized hair appears thicker, has more elasticity, is more flexible and is healthier. 


Why Is Moisture Important?

It comes down to the biology of your hair. Hair is much more complicated than most people think. It helps transmit sensory information, acts a barrier to foreign particles and it is the only bodily structure that can completely renew itself without scarring.


Your hair is primarily made of proteins and amino acids that need moisture to synthesize. Once synthesized the proteins and amino acids create chemical bonds that give your hair strength and structure. Your hair also consists of hydrogen bonds that rely on moisture to give your hair flexibility and elasticity. Long story short, moisture is essential to your hair’s health.

Now that we have taken a closer look at what causes dry hair lets move on and review our list of 5 key ingredients found in effective dry hair treatments.

#1 Silk Protein 


The silk fiber is an amazing thing if you take the time to think about it. This thin and elegant fiber is one of the strongest fibers found in nature and has the ability to retain 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, AMAZING! Why is this important for your hair? Because reintroducing moisture into your hair will give you noticeable improvements almost immediately!

What makes silk protein so amazing is the fact that it can penetrate the cuticle; hydrating, softening and strengthening brittle hair from the inside out. Your hair will be left soft, smooth and lustrous after the use of a high quality shampoo or conditioner that contains silk protein.

So the next time you’re about to make your next shampoo purchase, take a look at the ingredient panel and look for silk protein. 

#2 Wheat Amino Acid 



Wheat Amino Acid is another all-natural ingredient you want to look for before your next dry hair care purchase. This miracle ingredient has powerful healing properties and is an essential part to any hair repair regimen.

Wheat Amino Acids have a thickening effect which increases your hair’s surface area which in turn allows it to absorb more water. This is important, because water increases your hair's flexibility, reduces its split ends and softens it..

Another thing that this ingredient has going for it is the fact that it attracts water to your hair. So not only are you increasing the surface area of your hair, but you are also coating it with something that draws water to it, further increasing the amount moisture your hair will retain.

Amino Acids also have healing properties and help to repair the cuticle. This is important because the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand and is the hair’s only defense to damage; you want to keep it in tip top shape. The source of Amino Acids’ healing power are the high levels of cystine that they contain. Cystine is an integral part of the cuticle’s structure so supplementing your hair with additional cystine will heal it.

#3 Panthenol


Not to bring you back to science class, but in order to understand the true value of this ingredient you will need to know how it works. Panthenol  has very strong hydrophilic properties, which means it attracts water. Panthenol at a molecular level is small enough to be able to penetrate the hair’s cortex and draw water to it. Imagine panthenol as a sponge like material that you are able to inject into the internal structure of your hair; the sponge will soak up water and give your hair strength and flexibility. After repeated use your hair will appear thicker and more voluminous, it will retain moisture better and you will see a noticeable improvement in your hair’s appearance.

#4 Keratin 


Keratin is another type of amino acid that is actually made from hair and resembles the amino acids found in your hair most closely. Keratin is an important part of your hair because it is what gives it structure. When you use keratin you are strengthening your hair! Keratin also provides moisture to dry, brittle and chemically treated hair. With repeated use of keratin shampoos and conditioners will give your hair a glossy glow, strength and elasticity.

#5 Tacophery Cetate


Tacophery Cetate is a form of vitamin e. Vitamin e has powerful antioxidant properties that help repair damaged hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth. Vitamin e deeply conditions the hair from the root to the shaft to make hair healthier and shinier. Vitamin e helps to widen blood vessels when applied to the scalp. Wider blood vessels improves blood circulation which provides optimal nourishment to hair follicles. The result is hair loss prevention and hair growth! Plus, Vitamin e has strong “emollient” properties, which means that it seals moisture in the hair shaft. And as we have said throughout this article, moisture is the key to healthier hair.

Are You Ready To Restore Your Hair's Health And Luster? 


So now that you are an expert on dry and damaged hair and know the key ingredients found in effective dry hair remedies you should be ready to take action and achieve the healthy and lustrous hair. You are ready for the Cuticle Lisse Dry Hair Repair Package.  Each item in this package was designed to work together to rebuild and rejuvenate your hair by adding moisture to your dry and damaged hair.


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