Developed For Hair Extensions

Cuticle Lisse is a 6 step system that was developed to protect and maintain the natural bounce and luster of your hair extensions. Unlike your natural hair, your extensions will not receive the oils and nutrients from your scalp that they need to stay healthy. Overtime your extensions will become dry and damaged as you style them and expose them to UV radiation from the sun. 

Cuticle Lisse provides your hair extensions with the hydration, oils, and nutrients that they need to stay healthy. 

We have 3 lines for 3 types of hair: curly & frizzy, straight & wavy, and oily. Scroll down and choose your hair type below. 

Curly Hair Extensions

Women with curly hair face their own set of issues like dry and frizzy hair, and tangles. This line was specifically developed to smooth your curly hair and provide it with oils and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.  Click "Learn More" to see the six step line. 

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Straight & Wavy Hair Extensions

Our six step hair care line for straight and wavy hair extensions contains ingredients like Silk Proteins and Vitamin B5 that will keep your extensions looking natural and beautiful for as long as possible. Click "Learn More" to see the full line. 

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Oily Hair

Women who have oily hair need a shampoo that is strong enough to eliminate buildup and gentle enough for their extensions. If you have oily hair then this six step line is for you. Click "Learn More" to see the full line. 

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