How Often Should You Wash Your Hair Extensions?

We recommend that you wash your hair and extensions 1 - 2 times per week. But everyone’s scalp is different, so if you have really oily hair you may want to wash as much as every other day.


How Do I Wash My Hair Extensions?

Stand up straight in the shower and let the water from the shower head cascade over your head, your hair, your extensions and down your back. Do not flip your hair at any point as this will cause tangling. 

Once your hair is wet you'll want to apply the shampoo. Since you have more hair now with the extensions you are going to want to use more shampoo than before.

Start by cleaning the scalp above the ears, face and around the crown. You should avoid directly rubbing the extensions where they are attached to the scalp. 

Once your scalp is cleaned you can move onto the extensions. You should gently squeeze and work the shampoo into your extensions with your fingers. You do not need to wash your extensions as aggressively since they will not be receiving the oils produced by your scalp. 

DO NOT RUB your extensions roughly back and forth. This will cause your extensions to become loose and could potentially lead to shedding and even matting if done repeatedly. 

What Type Of Shampoo Should I Use?

It is recommended to use a sulfate free  PH balanced moisturizing shampoo on your extension hair. 

It is also important that you choose a shampoo that will work best with your hair type. If you have curly & frizzy hair you'll want to use a Keratin Shampoo. If you have straight & wavy hair you'll want something that will nourish the cuticle. Or if you have an oily scalp you'll want something that is strong enough to eliminate buildup, but also gently enough for your extensions.



You will need more shampoo than you did before you had extensions.  

You should brush out all your tangles before getting in the shower. 

A cold rinse is always a bonus to seal the cuticles and enhances natural shine.

Thoroughly rinse the shampoo and repeat one more time if necessary. You want to rinse 100% of the shampoo to avoid build up.


It is very important that you condition your hair and extensions every time you wash your hair. Conditioner will keep your extensions shiny, soft and healthy. 

How Do I Condition My Hair Extensions?

For your hair extensions it is easiest to put the conditioner on a brush and then comb the conditioner through your hair extensions. Start at the ends, work your way up and stop shortly before you reach the area where your extensions are attached to your natural hair.  You should avoid getting conditioner on the attachment points as it can cause the extensions to become loose.

We recommend you use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush.  

Brush and pin up each row, one by one, until all your extension hair is conditioned. Leave in for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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Avoid The Attachment Point

No matter what method of hair extension you have, it is important that you avoid applying the conditioner directly onto the attached point (where your hair is attached to the extensions). 

Conditioner on the attachment point can cause the extensions to become loose, slip and even fall out. Conditioners can also soften glue on fusion bonded extensions which will result in shedding. 

Rinse thoroughly to avoid buildup and itchiness.


After rinsing, do not wrap your hair with a towel like you would with your natural hair extensions. 

Gently pat dry your hair to remove excess moisture. Do not rub vigorously with a towel.  

Dry immediately. If you cannot dry all your hair, dry the roots to keep your extensions from becoming loose.

Leave In Conditioner

After you wash, condition and towel dry your hair you should apply a leave in conditioner to your hair extensions.

How To Apply Leave In Conditioner To Your Hair Extensions

Apply a quarter size amount of leave in conditioner onto your hand and distribute evenly  through the towel dried hair extensions, starting from the middle of your hair extensions and working down to the ends. 

It is important that you avoid applying the leave in conditioner directly onto where the extensions are attached to your hair. 

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