Just like when choosing a hair extension shampoo, you need to exercise care and do your research when choosing the best conditioner for your hair extensions. There are certain ingredients you should avoid and also ingredients you should seek in your hair extension conditioner. 

Ingredients To Avoid In Your Hair Extension Conditioner 

Isopropyl Alcohol 

This harmful ingredient is included in many cheap and low quality conditioners. Isopropyl Alcohol will strip the healthy oils from your hair; oils that are essential to your extensions shine, bounce and natural appearance. 

Once these oils are stripped your extensions will be come dull, lifeless and brittle. This will result in extensions that do not blend with your natural hair and will become matted and tangled very easily.  

You want a hair extension conditioner that is going to preserve the oils that are in your hair and also provide your extensions with the moisture they need to stay healthy and beautiful. 

Behentrimonium Chloride

Behentrimonium Chloride is a cleaning and conditioning agent that is also used in cheap hair conditioners. And just like Isopropyl Alcohol, it should be avoided at all costs.

This ingredient promises to condition, detangle and soften. But the truth is that this ingredient is toxic at concentrations of 0.1% and higher and is suspected to cause skin and eye irritation. 

Many hair conditioner brands will make the claim that this ingredient is not harmful, but even in Europe this ingredient is banned at certain concentration levels. 

Because this ingredient is known to be toxic, we would advise against using any conditioner that contains it. 

What To Look For In A Good Hair Extension Conditioner 

Plant Based Proteins

Proteins derived from silk, wheat and even soy have many healing and rejuvenating properties that enhance the overall health of your hair. Proteins are the building blocks of the cells that make up your hair and extensions. 

When used in hair extension conditioners, proteins help to infuse moisture into the interior cortex of your hair and cuticle. Moisture is critical to the health of your extensions and when properly hydrated your extension will have more bounce, luster and shine. Regular conditioning will also increase the life of your extensions. 

Amino Acids

When used in a hair extension conditioner, amino acids have a thickening effect which increases your hair’s surface area. This increased surface area allows the hair to absorb more water and moisture. This is important, because water increases your hair's elasticity, reduces split ends and softens it.


This high quality and potent nutrient carries special peptides that tell cells to heal and grow, helping to repair, protect and condition your hair and extensions. Additionally, keratin will help to tame frizz, add shine to curls and help to make curly and frizzy hair more manageable. Conditioners with keratin are ideal for women with curly and frizzy hair. 

Panthenol (Vitamin b5) 

Vitamin B5 penetrates the cuticle and moisturizes your hair from the inside out. Moisture is the most critical component of keeping your extensions healthy. Without moisture your extensions will become brittle and dry and will no longer look natural.

Plant and Flower Extracts 

Many plant and flower extracts naturally cleanse and moisturize your hair. Some even promote hair growth. That is why these ingredients are a definite bonus when it comes to choosing a hair extension conditioner. 

So What Are The Best Conditioners For Hair Extensions? 

If you are looking for the simple answer, then look no further. All Cuticle Lisse Hair Conditioners where developed specifically for your hair extensions. They contain all the beneficial ingredients listed above and are free of the harmful ones. 


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